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    If you have never experienced Halloween, check out this informative section in Celebrate. Learn about the history of the holiday and ways people celebrate it today. There’s even a glossary of vocabulary words at the end of the article.

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    What better way to celebrate Halloween than reading and listening to the spooky stories of Edgar Allan Poe? Poe uses elements of horror, suspense, and the supernatural to keep you on the edge of your seat!

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    How Are You, Jack-o-lantern?

    Teach culture and vocabulary while your students improve their conversational English with this fun activity related to Halloween!

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    Content Spotlight
    Looking for classroom activities related to Halloween? Check out this Content Spotlight! It includes a Jack-o-Lantern activity to promote speaking and listening skills and an acrostic poem activity to improve writing skills and build vocabulary.


Ready. Set. Smile! October 3rd is World Smile Day®. Each year, on the first Friday of October, World Smile Day® celebrates smiles and kind acts around the world.

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Classroom Activities

Classroom activity and lesson plan for World Smile Day® Students can practice English skills while learning more about this cultural activity.

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What Makes You Smile?

Share a picture of yourself smiling and explain what made you smile.