• Diverse group of people sitting in a row smiling
    Looking for dialogues to use in your classroom? The latest series of Everyday Conversations is about six exchange students and their experiences at a U.S. university. These conversations discuss topics such as entrepreneurship, environmental issues, and U.S. holidays. Each conversation has language notes and accompanying audio.
  • Two girls and a guy reading

    Looking for a grammar activity to use in your classroom? Try this Group Grammar activity in the most recent English Teaching Forum. Students practice grammar and learn about one another.

  • Young girl holding her poster of feather artwork to show teacher and student

    Get creative in your classroom! Create to Communicate is filled with great activities and lessons that use art to foster English language development.

  • Hands playing a board game

    We have three winners of the American English Create Your Own Board Game competition. Find out who won and see the winning board games.


Foster Student Motivation

This month’s Teacher’s Corner will examine ways teachers can positively impact student motivation.

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Self-Directed Learning with the "Reading Train"

This week’s teaching tip demonstrates how to use a combination of student choice, friendly competition, fun visuals, and rewards to motivate students to read more in English.

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