• Shapring the Way We Teach

    This series of webinars is a professional development program for English teachers. Course 15 of the Shaping the Way We Teach English webinar series has begun. Check out the past webinars or view the next webinar via YouTube.

  • Kids in classroom

    English teachers, would you like to travel to Panama for 4-6 weeks this summer? Qualified U.S. teachers have the opportunity to work alongside English teachers in Panamanian public school classrooms, to assist in classroom instruction and curriculum development. Learn more about this exciting opportunity! Early bird application deadline is February 1.

  • Poetry

    English language learners from all over the world wrote poems about English and their Access programs. Download the poems or read them online.

  • MOOC second course starts February 9
    A Massive Open Online Course for English Teaching Professionals
    Registration now open for course 2! The course starts on February 9, 2015.


"I will start learning a new language. I will pick up one piece of trash from the streets every day." These types of promises you make to yourself are called resolutions, and every New Year many Americans resolve to make changes in their lives.

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Classroom Activities

Learn to talk about resolutions with this simple, interactive game!

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What is your New Year’s Resolution?