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American English Mobile App
Teachers and students: build English skills anytime, anywhere on your mobile phone with the free American English app! It works with almost any phone and uses very little data. Get audiobooks, e-books, music, the Trace Word Soup game, dictionary and translation tools, and more.

Develop English language skills on the go or in the classroom with the free American English (AE) mobile app powered by biNu.

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To get the app, type in your mobile internet browser or click this link.

In the Classroom

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About the App

The AE app works with nearly any type of mobile phone that runs Java or Android. Even if you don’t have a smart phone, this app is for you.

  • Students: study English anytime, anywhere. Learn on your own or with friends using integrated social media features like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Teachers: use the app to bring content into your classroom or to encourage students to practice English in their free time.

Get access to American English resources while using very little data:

  • E-books: graded readers for learners, resources for teachers, and the Worldreader library
  • Audiobooks: available to download by chapter 
  • Music: positive messages through hip hop, jazz, children’s songs, traditional songs, and more
  • “Trace Word Soup”: a fun vocabulary game already played over 4 million times around the world
  • Voice of America news feeds for English learners
  • Quizzes and study tools
  • A variety of language, news, social media content, and more

Watch the video to see the American English app in action:

About biNu

biNu, an award-winning English Education Alliance partner, allows you to access the Internet faster and uses up to 10 times less data than standard mobile browsers. biNu offers integrated language features that can help mobile users bridge gaps between English language content and their first language. Languages offered include Afrikaans, Arabic, Bahasa Indonesia, Chinese, French, Kiswahili, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Urdu and many more.

The app is free; however, users are responsible for the data usage costs charged by their mobile provider. The iPhone and Windows phones are not yet supported.

For troubleshooting and answers to frequently asked questions see biNu's FAQ.

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Go to on your mobile phone, or or download the free AE app here.

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