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    Looking for something to read? Did you know that you have access to thousands of books through the American English mobile app? Plus, our app uses data compression to reduce access costs. The app works on Android and feature phones.

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    The newest issue of English Teaching Forum is out! Find classroom activities, articles, and a word puzzle in this issue.

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    Each year, on the first Friday of October, World Smile Day® celebrates the original meaning of the iconic smiley face image – good will, happiness, and kindness. This lesson incorporates letter writing, a useful skill that helps students use English for authentic and purposeful communication!
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    This series of webinars is a professional development program for English teachers. Course 14 of the Shaping the Way We Teach English webinar series has begun. Check out the past webinars or view the next webinar via YouTube.


Ready. Set. Smile! October 3rd is World Smile Day®. Each year, on the first Friday of October, World Smile Day® celebrates smiles and kind acts around the world.

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Classroom Activities

Classroom activity and lesson plan for World Smile Day® Students can practice English skills while learning more about this cultural activity.

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What Makes You Smile?

Share a picture of yourself smiling and explain what made you smile.