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    The American English website has a new section titled “Teacher's Corner.” Each week, we will feature a short classroom activity or teaching tip centered on a monthly skill or theme. This month’s focus is conditionals. Check out this week’s activity – using conditionals to talk about superstitions.

  • Love is in the Air

    In the spirit Valentine’s Day on February 14th, this month’s poems by English language learners are about love and relationships. Download them or read them online.

  • Shapring the Way We Teach

    This series of webinars is a professional development program for English teachers. Course 15 of the Shaping the Way We Teach English webinar series has begun. Check out the past webinars or view the next webinar via YouTube.

  • Poetry
    Read poetry written by English Access Microscholarship students on topics like love, school, family and more. Be sure to check out Poems Made Into Songs to hear select poems put to fun music!



Activities and lesson plans for teaching about Listening in the classroom.

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Transcript Correction with The Gift of the Magi

Transcript correction is an example of a language-focused listening activity. In this activity, students listen for differences between an audio text and the corresponding written transcript. A worksheet, with answers, and an audio file are provided.

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