The U.S. Department of State partners with TESOL professionals to strengthen English language learning worldwide.

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English Language Fellows teach and conduct teacher training during ten-month paid assignments in academic institutions around the world.
English Language Specialists conduct short-term projects involving teacher training, curriculum development, and other high-level education initiatives.
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English Teaching Forum, written by teachers for teachers, is a peer-reviewed quarterly journal with an international focus.
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Partnering with U.S. universities, the Online Professional English Network (OPEN) provides online professional development courses for foreign English language teachers. If you're interested in partnering with the OPEN Program, please sign up below to receive updates or email

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Partner institutions host professional development workshops and training sessions for English language professionals.

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Regional English Language Officers (RELOs) are Foreign Service Specialists who provide strategic guidance and subject matter expertise and manage English education programs in countries around the world.

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