• English Teaching Forum Volume 57, Issue 1
    Read about effective techniques for using models in the writing classroom, learn creative ways to introduce and reinforce understanding of vocabulary, discover how to transform your students’ interest in social media into a project for narrative writing—and much more.
  • This curriculum focuses on presentation skills and can be used in university classrooms and intensive seminars in your region!
  • Comic books are a pleasure to read, but they can also be a great resource in the English classroom! This month on Teacher’s Corner, learn more about comic books and find different classroom activities that use comic books to help with language learning.

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    Interested in establishing a writing center at your university or in a community education space? Check out this writing center manual to learn how!

Find many online tools for your classroom in this 2018 guide of web resources. This guide includes information on tools for Teaching the Four Skills.

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Looking for resources to use in your classroom? Explore our engaging and free materials, including lesson plans, stories, music, games, and more.

This issue features how to apply a Cultural Facilitation Model for cultural instruction, discover a variety of ways to incorporate biographies in language teaching.

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