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English Teaching Forum 2019, Volume 57, Number 1
English Teaching Forum Volume 57, Issue 1
Learn about effective techniques for using models in the writing classroom and more.

Using Models in the Second-Language Writing Classroom

This article carefully discusses the use of writing models: whether to use models; how to select appropriate models; and when, why, and how to use them.

“To Build a Fire”: Creative Frames, Adolescent Readers, and New Words

Using Jack London’s “To Build a Fire” as an anchor, the authors present a variety of creative ideas for introducing new words and helping students fully comprehend them.

Reader’s Guide

This guide is designed to enrich your reading of the articles in this issue. You may choose to read them on your own, taking notes or jotting down answers to the discussion questions below. Or you may use the guide to explore the articles with colleagues.

Embracing Social Media to Engage Students and Teach Narrative Writing

Many students are already involved with social media; this article presents in clear detail a technique for using social media to generate characters and ideas for narrative writing.

A Collaborative Activity for Generating Ideas in the Writing Classroom

This article describes a procedure that gets students to collaborate, generate ideas for an essay project, and reflect on their ideas as they prepare to write; the author also suggests a number of possible essay topics.

Famous Quotes for Theme Analysis

The article presents a step-by-step procedure for using quotes for critical thinking and theme analysis; the author gives examples, provides sources for quotes, and suggests follow-up activities.

My Classroom: Colombia

Learn how teacher Yurany Monsalve commutes (by plane!) between two teaching sites yet manages to provide her students with English skills and opportunities for learning and growth.

Practical Applications of TESOL’s The 6 Principles of Exemplary Teaching of English Learners

This article presents TESOL’s “6 Principles” and suggests a variety of ways that teachers in almost any country or context can incorporate the principles.

The Lighter Side: Fifty, More or Less

This puzzle commemorates the 50th anniversary of the English Language Fellow Program and lets readers test their knowledge of whether each clue refers to something that is more than 50, less than 50, or exactly 50.