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English Teaching Forum 2020, Volume 58, Number 1
Find strategies for developing Medical English and other ESP courses … ideas for maintaining a communicative classroom … tips for getting young learners to stick to English … and much more.

Case Studies in ESP Course Development: Medical English for Turkmen and Mexican Medical Specialists

Kendra Staley, Carolyn Allen, and Anna Hamp
This article recaps the authors’ experience developing Medical English courses and materials while also offering suggestions for adapting the ideas to other ESP courses.

Activities to Activate and Maintain a Communicative Classroom

David Courtney
The author presents detailed descriptions of four highly communicative activities and offers options for each and criteria for evaluating these and other activities.

Reader’s Guide

This guide is designed to enrich your reading of the articles in this issue. You may choose to read them on your own, taking notes or jotting down answers to the discussion questions below. Or you may use the guide to explore the articles with colleagues.

Getting Young Learners to Stick to English

Laura Loder Buechel
The author provides a number of creative ideas that can help learners “stick to English” as they communicate, build confidence, and have fun.

Developing Fluency through Oral Reading

Ethan M. Lynn
The author presents sets of easy-to-incorporate activities designed to improve reading fluency at the word-, sentence-, and passage-level.

Embracing the Growth Mindset in the Classroom

Nguyen Doan Hanh Nguyen
The author explains the growth mindset and provides a detailed explanation of how English instructors in almost any context can introduce and incorporate the mindset in their teaching.

My Classroom: Madagascar

Kevin McCaughey
Learn how teachers Niry Razafimamonjy and Josiana Andriantsalama, at the Lycee Jacques Rabemananjara beside the Indian Ocean in Taomasina, support their students’ learning and contribute to the field of English language teaching in Madagascar.

“What Should I Do?”: Three-Part Role Plays

Tabitha Kidwell
This is a step-by-step guide to offering role plays that give learners practice in describing a problem, asking for advice, giving advice—and giving and receiving feedback from peers. The article includes numerous sample prompts.

The Lighter Side: Medical Mix-Ups

Oops! In each of these sentences, related to medicine and health, one word is misused and needs to be replaced with a word it rhymes with. Can you solve this fun puzzle?