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English Teaching Forum 56, Number 3
Learn how to apply a Cultural Facilitation Model for cultural instruction. Discover a variety of ways to incorporate biographies in language teaching—and much more.

"This American English Class”: A New Model of Cultural Instruction

Eleanor Kashmar Wolf and David Gasbarro Tasker
This article describes a cultural-instruction model and provides clear examples of how to apply it in class.

Engaging Language Learners with Biography-Based Lessons, Units, and Courses

Sally La Luzerne-Oi and Jean Kirschenmann
This article provides a number of ideas for incorporating biographies and biography-based texts to enhance the learning of language (and culture).

Reader’s Guide

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Developing Reading Fluency by Combining Timed Reading and Repeated Reading

This article describes an innovative way to combine two familiar techniques (timed reading and repeated reading) to produce a new technique that can support the development of reading fluency.

Experiential Learning with Dvolver

This article provides a step-by-step guide for using Dvolver to help learners experiment with and practice using language in a fun, creative way.

My Classroom: Turkmenistan

Learn how teacher and administrator Zelila Roziyeva manages a busy schedule to provide her students with the English skills they need to succeed in their careers.

Thousand-Word Pictures 

This step-by-step guide shows how teachers can use pictures to help students develop language skills and cultural awareness. 

The Lighter Side: Place Out of Words

In this puzzle, culture-based questions are given, but some words appear where they should not; your job is to move the words around so that the questions make sense.
English Teaching Forum Volume 56, Number 2
Cover graphic of bridge over water with people walking at top and title text reads: English Teaching Forum
This issue features articles on helping students recognize and avoid plagiarism, create original radio dramas, write and perform movie trailers, and more.

Beyond the Plagiarism Checker: Helping Nonnative English Speakers (NNESs) Avoid Plagiarism

Jimalee Sowell
This article gives detailed practical suggestions for helping students recognize and avoid plagiarism, use paraphrasing and summarizing effectively, incorporate direct quotes into their writing, and cite sources. 

Radio Drama for Speaking Practice

Jonathan Maiullo
Find ideas for having students create and perform original radio dramas in the classroom; the article includes tips for helping students read with emotion, use sound effects, and work collaboratively.

Workshops: An Alternative to Student Writing Conferences

Gracie Forthun
This Teaching Technique describes how teachers can use mini-workshops in place of student writing conferences and explains potential benefits of doing so.

Integrating Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking with Visuals

Aynur Ismayilli Karakoc
This Teaching Technique gives suggestions for using pictures and other images to give students practice in the “four skills” and using authentic English to communicate.

Auctions to Reinforce Understanding

Haynet Rivera Flores
This Teaching Technique describes a way to use an auction format to help students review content.

My Classroom: Mexico

Sara Hendricks
Learn how English teacher Celeste Fernández transmits her enthusiasm for English – and for life – to her students.

Coming Soon to a Theater Near You

Katie Ryan
This is a step-by-step guide for having students create a basic idea for their own movie and then write and perform a “movie trailer” to promote their movie.

The Lighter Side: "A Script by the Numbers"

In this puzzle, use numbers to fill in blanks in a short script.
English Teaching Forum Volume 56, Number 1
Learn creative ways to add movement to your classroom, new ways to use music and songs, tips for supporting out-of-class reading—and much more.

The Movable Class: How to Class-Manage for More Active and Healthful Lessons

Kevin McCaughey
This article presents a wide range of creative ideas for getting your students up and moving around while they learn English.

New Ideas for Teaching English Using Music and Song

Kristin Lems
Find three innovative project ideas that help your students learn English while exploring aspects of music and songs.

“Listen to the Music: Using Songs in Listening and Speaking Classes”

Andrew Mobbs and Melinda Cuyul
This article provides detailed descriptions of three practical activities that integrate music with English language learning.

Activities to Support Students’ Out-of-Class Reading

Ellen Lipp
Teaching Technique gives suggestions for supporting students’ reading outside the classroom.

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Using the Linguistic Landscape to Bridge Languages

Vanessa Mari
This Teaching Technique shows how languages found on public signs can help students practice English and understand the use of languages spoken in their context.


Kimberly Chilmonik
Learn how teacher Sarina Monh works through challenges to create opportunities for student success.

TRY THIS Skim, Scan, Run

Kevin McCaughey
Here is a step-by-step guide to getting students out of their seats and moving around – and skimming and scanning reading texts.


In this puzzle, search through a series of letters to find a path that spells out a sentence or phrase to match the given clue.