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International Day of Friendship

“My best friend is the one who brings out the best in me” – Henry Ford, American innovator

Friends make us laugh, they support us during difficult times, and, as Henry Ford suggests, they can challenge us to grow and become better people. Celebrate the positive power of these relationships on July 30th – the International Day of Friendship!

You and your class can participate in the activities below or learn more about International Friendship Day.

Social Media Activities

  1. What are the most important characteristics of a good friend?  Share it with us on Facebook.
  2. What do you do to make new friends? Share it with us on Facebook.
  3. What have you learned by being friends (in person or online) with someone from a different culture? Share it with us on Facebook.

Classroom Activities

The Power of Friendship: Describing and Comparing (Intermediate and above)


  • “Lessons in Life” song (.mp3 or CD track – 2:27)
  • Audio output device (computer, CD player, mobile phone with speakers)
  • “Lessons in Life” Listening Cloze (included in the Activities Plan)
  • “Lessons in Life” Listening Cloze – Answers (included in the Activities Plan)
  • Friendship Simile Starters worksheet (included in the Activities Plan)
  • Teacher: whiteboard, chalkboard, or large pieces of paper posted on the wall; markers or chalk
  • Students: pencils or pens, blank paper

Activity Overview

Students will practice listening for main ideas and details in a song about friendship and mutual respect.  Next, they will use the song lyrics and examples from their own lives to analyze why friendship is important and describe qualities that make a strong friendship. Students will also create friendship similes with help from a model simile in the song lyrics, simile starters, and a comparison chart.

Download a Sample Lesson Plan

About International Day of Friendship

Did you know that Friendship Day celebrations have taken place in many countries on different days since the early 1900s?  During these celebrations, people take time out of their busy schedules to let their friends know how important they are.  Friends may spend time together, share a meal, talk on the phone, connect via social media, or exchange small gifts like cards and friendship bracelets.

In 2011, to emphasize the important role friendships play in creating a peaceful world, the United Nations declared July 30 to be the International Day of Friendship.  Every year on this date, people celebrate not only their existing friends, but also take part in efforts to build new intercultural and international friendships that can encourage cooperation in our global community.   

What will you do to honor your friends and the power friendship on July 30?  Be sure to share your ideas with us on the American English Facebook page!

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