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New Year's Resolutions

I will stop drinking so many sugary drinks. I will fight less with my brother. I will start learning a new language. I will pick up one piece of trash from the streets every day. These types of promises you make to yourself are called resolutions, and every New Year many Americans resolve to make changes in their lives. Most New Year’s Resolutions focus on self improvement. Some people make small resolutions, like saying one nice thing to someone each day. Others think bigger, like promising to train for a marathon. But some people resolve to do charitable work, like visiting orphans, donating clothing to the homeless, or cleaning the neighborhood.

What’s the secret to making a good New Year’s Resolution? Make sure it’s achievable. While resolutions should be challenging, they should also be realistic. Instead of resolving to completely change your diet, promise yourself you’ll eat more fruits and vegetables everyday or that you’ll cut down on fried food. Instead of trying to learn a new language fluently, just promise yourself you’ll start learning one. Take small steps. Don’t get discouraged. And stick to those resolutions!

What are your resolutions for the New Year?

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Classroom Activity:

Resolutions Game (Intermediate – Advanced Learners)


  • Board Game Templates (1 for every group of 4 students. Download a game board template or make your own)
  • 1 coin per group.
  • Game Pieces (one per student)
  • A large sheet of paper (or poster) for each group

Have students divide into groups of 4 and pass out a game board to each group. Have the students play the game. Ask each group to record their 4 most interesting responses. See suggested game rules.

Question: What will you do for your school? And how?
Answer: I will make my school more beautiful by cleaning it

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