Activity: Mother's Day Customs


Learn about one of the biggest public holidays in the U.S.

Develop public speaking skills.


Intermediate - Advanced


  1. Download Mother's Day and Father's Day Reading (PDF). At least one copy per group is needed, preferably one copy per student.
  2. Download Mother's Day: Reading Worksheet (PDF). At least one copy is needed per group, preferably one copy per student.
  3. Download Speech Template (PDF). At least one copy is needed per group, preferably one copy per student.
  4. Download Example Speech (PDF) as a reference if needed.


  1. Begin the lesson by activating student schema. Ask the class what they know about Mother's Day.
  2. Give each student (or group) a copy of Mother's Day & Father's Day Reading PDF and the Mother's Day: Reading Worksheet.
  3. Have the students read the article about Mother's Day on the second page of the Mother's Day & Father's Day Reading PDF
  4. As a class, read the questions on the Mother's Day: Reading Worksheet and, in groups, have the students write their answers. Clarify the bold words for student understanding.
  5. Review the answers to the worksheet as a class. The answers can be used as the key points in the students' Mother's Day speeches.
  6. In their groups, have students discuss the Mother's Day holiday history and traditions. Alternatively, students can brainstorm what makes their mothers special OR how mothers are celebrated in their country and speak on those topics as well.
  7. Using the brainstormed ideas, have the students fill out their Mother's Day Speech Template
  8. In small groups have the students practice their speeches with each other.
  9. Have each student present their Mother's Day speech to the class.
  10. As a follow-up you can assign students to write their speech in paragraph form.

Adapt It To Your Class

  • If the activity is too long, have students write their speeches for homework and present them during the following class.
  • Adapt the language difficulty for students with lower English levels by writing a single speech as a group that can then be practiced in pairs.

Mother's Day Content Spotlight