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VOA American Stories
Voice of America's weekly multimedia series of American short stories for English language learners. Each story will have video,audio, quizzes, and a lesson plan for teachers.

A weekly multimedia series of American short stories for English language learners. Each story will have video, audio, quizzes, and a lesson plan for teachers. 

Voice of American (VOA) also be giving a writing prompt on their blog, Confessions of an English Learner.

Visit Voice of America: American Stories for the latest stories, or check below for some of our favorites!

Format: MP3, Website

For the latest stories, visit Voice of America: American Stories

Check below for some of our favorites.

Table of Contents

VOA: The Legend of Sleepy HollowExpand

This story is often told around Halloween in the United States.  It is about something strange that happened long ago in a valley called "Sleepy Hollow". 

It was written by Washington Irving. The story is told by Doug Johnson.

Format: MP3, Video, Website

Visit Voice of America: American Stories for more stories.