Photo of Trace Effects Character
Trace Effects
Trace Effects is an English language video game for students. Learn English and explore American culture through puzzles, games, and adventures in an interactive world. If you would like to receive a copy of this game, please contact your Regional English Language Office:


A video game for learning American English and culture

This innovative language learning video game will complement students’ classroom English language instruction through interactive 3-D multimedia learning adventures. Trace Effects is geared for players aged 12-16.

Gamers interact and solve puzzles in a virtual world filled with diverse English-speaking characters. In the game, students take a dynamic journey through the United States, traveling to cultural locations like Kansas, New Orleans, the Grand Canyon, New York City, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C.

Who is Trace?

Trace, the main character, is a university student from the year 2045 who has accidentally traveled back in time to the present. In order to get home, he must complete a challenging mission to change the future for the better by helping six different young people accomplish great things and have a positive impact on the future.

Game Themes
Geared toward young people, Trace Effects exposes users to American society and explores themes related to entrepreneurship, community activism, empowering women, science and innovation,environmental conservation, and conflict resolution.

Game Features

  • 7 chapters of game play
  • 28 practice activities
  • 4 multi-player practice activities
  • Comprehensive teacher and student
  • 7 graphic novels for extension activities
  • Point-based scoring system
  • American English dictionary
  • Offline play option through a DVD
  • Mobile App for smart phones
  • Social media connectivity
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