pen in hand

National Poetry Month Celebration

Submit Your Original Poetry!

Announcement for Students and Teachers:

Poetry shows us your emotions.
Sometimes it even causes commotions.
Send us your poem to share,
And we will post it everywhere!

In celebration of National Poetry Month, we want to see your poems! Write your original poems and send them to us. We will compile all appropriate poems and feature them on the American English website and the American English App for feature phones. We’ve already seen just how creative you can be with “Access is…” and “Trace Travels”, so we’re expecting great things!


The National Poetry Month Celebration will begin on April 23, 2014 - World English Day. Submissions will be accepted online through May, 2014.

Directions for the Activity:

  1. Check out the examples below and April’s Content Spotlight for ideas on how to write poetry.

  2. Write a short poem (10 lines maximum) about one of the following themes: The Access Program, Your Life, English, Your Hopes for the Future, Animals, or choose your own topic. You can do this by yourself or with your friends!

  3. Submit your poems to the English Access Microscholarship Program – Headquarters Facebook page ( with the hashtag #AccessPoetry or send it by email to Feel free to include original artwork or audio or video recordings of you reading your poem.

  4. We will acknowledge your poem by your first name (or a group name) and a country. If you prefer for us not to use your name or country, please let us know.
    a. E.g., Curtis from U.S.A
    b. E.g., U.S.A. Access Program

  5. The American English Team in Washington, D.C. will choose their favorite poems and do something special with them! We might put your poem to music, do a dramatic reading of your poem, or create art inspired by your poem - who knows!

  6. All appropriate poems will be compiled by the American English Team and featured here on the and the American English App for feature phones.


See the examples below for samples.

Write a Short Poem*

Letters dance and whirl,
Mixing and matching,
Forming words, building images.
Secrets are revealed,
Mysteries explained.
Windows to the world

Write an Image Poem

The birds fly
against the noon sky,
Like the strokes of a pen
on a new sheet of paper.

Or try a Haiku, a poem made of 3 lines with 5, 7, and 5 syllables. Haikus usually have a connection to nature.

Light and so bubbly,
Rising and falling in turn,
Poems burst from my heart

*Your poem doesn’t need to rhyme.

For more examples, see April’s Content Spotlight!