Election Day is an important event in American society because it is an expression of many American values such as liberty and democracy. It occurs on the first Tuesday in November (but never on November 1st).

In the United States, the presidential elections are held every four years, while elections for Congress are held every two years. Many state and local government officials are also elected on this date.

The next presidential elections are scheduled for Tuesday, November 6th, 2012.

Classroom Activities

Presidential Oath

Read the U.S. presidential oath of office with your students and discuss its vocabulary and main concepts, such as the values, responsibilities, and roles it promotes. Have students give examples of the responsibilities of the president (e.g. how can the president protect the Constitution?).

Then, using the oath as a template, ask students to prepare their own oaths and recite them in front of the class. This activity can be implemented with individual students or as a group-work activity.

Past U.S. presidents

Ask students to research one of the past U.S. presidents featured on the Smithsonian Institution website (for beginners) or on the White House website (for advanced learners), focusing on significant achievements or challenges while in office. Have students prepare a short presentation, summarizing what they learned about the person and the presidency.

Social Media Activities

Share your culture on Facebook

Participate in this conversation by sharing your country's process with other teachers and learners. Visit the Access Facebook page to post about your culture and learn from others about their culture. Here are a couple of topics to get the conversation started:

  • How is the U.S. election process similar to or different than that of where you live?
  • How are leaders selected where you live?
Share on Facebook
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